CFSR Round 4 Instruments, Tools, and Guides

This section includes CFSR Round 4 instruments, reporting guidelines, and forms for onsite reviews and program improvement plan monitoring.

Statewide Assessment (SWA) and Guidance

Statewide Assessment

This template is offered to enable states to gather and document information that is critical to analyzing their performance during the statewide assessment phase of the CFSR process. The state may use another format as long as the state provides all required content.

Guiding Principles, Framework, and Tools for the Statewide Assessment Process

This document provides guiding principles, a suggested framework, and resources and tools states can use when completing a quality statewide assessment.

Onsite Review Instrument (OSRI) and Guidance

Onsite Review Instrument and Instructions

This instrument is used to review cases during the onsite review component of the CFSRs.

OSRI Item 2 Reviewer Brief

This reviewer brief provides guidance for applying Item 2 of the OSRI in CFSR Round 4. Emphasis is placed on the applicability criteria, key questions that inform the rating determination, and making distinctions between appropriate services that should be addressed under Item 2 and those relevant to the Well-Being items in the OSRI.

Stakeholder Interview Guide (SIG) and Guidance

Stakeholder Interview Guide

This instrument is used to conduct local and state-level interviews during the onsite review component of the CFSRs. It identifies questions that may be asked during stakeholder interviews across seven systemic factor sections.