OSRI Frequently Asked Questions

The Children's Bureau has provided answers to questions regarding the Onsite Review Instrument and Instructions (OSRI) and mock cases available for practice on the E-Learning Academy (ELA). Answers posted here should be considered official guidance. The questions are organized by outcome. "General" questions relate to the overall instrument, its general application, or the Face Sheet.

Child in classroom raising hand to ask a question

General Questions

Questions related to the overall instrument, its general application, or the Face Sheet.

A mom helping her young son put his bike helmet on

Safety Outcome 1

Children are, first and foremost, protected from abuse and neglect.

A large family sitting on a front porch

Safety Outcome 2

Children are safely maintained in their homes whenever possible and appropriate.

A smiling toddler with two men

Permanency Outcome 1

Children have permanency and stability in their living situations.

A teenager sitting with two elderly men

Permanency Outcome 2

The continuity of family relationships and connections is preserved for children.

A multi-generational family making dinner together

Well-Being Outcome 1

Families have enhanced capacity to provide for their children's needs.

A smiling teenager wearing a graduation cap and gown

Well-Being Outcome 2

Children receive appropriate services to meet their educational needs.

A young woman speaking with a health care provider

Well-Being Outcome 3

Children receive adequate services to meet their physical and mental health needs.