A new course, OSRI Quality Assurance (QA), has launched on the E-Learning Academy. The course currently features its first module, “QA Overview,” with two follow-up modules scheduled to launch later this year. Completion certificates are available.

This report (PDF) analyzes the Round 3 results from the Child and Family Services Reviews, spotlights improvement projects from across the United States and provides recommendations for collaboration between child welfare agencies and the legal and judicial communities.

This Technical Bulletin (PDF) announces the next round of CFSRs the Children's Bureau plans to begin in federal fiscal year 2022. The bulletin provides a high-level overview of the reviews, outlines improvements to strengthen the CFSR process, and provides information on the scheduling of reviews for CFSR Round 4. The Children's Bureau will provide future guidance and hold calls with states to share more information about the process and procedures before the start of the reviews.