Round 4 CFSR National Call Series

This Resource page includes materials related to the series of calls the Children's Bureau hosted in preparation for Round 4 of the CFSRs. The calls provide an overview of what states can expect for each of the components of the CFSR as well as the Children's Bureau's vision for advancing equity and inclusion in the CFSR.

  • The Layla Morgan Mock Case course has been posted on the Round 4 E-Learning Academy. The course will appear automatically on your My Catalog page. After you enroll, you can find it on the My Learning page.

  • A new FAQ for Item 3 has been posted regarding siblings of a Target Child who has been TPR’d but remains in foster care.
  • A new FAQ for Items 7 and 8 has been posted regarding visitation during short periods of separation.
  • A new FAQ that explains how to correctly identify the role of a child’s legal guardian(s) on the G2 Case Participant Table is now available under General Questions.
  • Infographic: Connections Between the Court Improvement Program and the Child and Family Services Review is now available. Meaningful input from a broad array of legal and judicial stakeholders, and collaboration with other system partners, are useful not only for the CFSR and Program Improvement Plan processes but also for Court Improvement Program (CIP) projects. CIPs across the nation have projects in areas the CFSR examines. The data and evidence collected during the CFSR can be used to support CIP projects. This infographic summarizes common goals, associated CIP projects, and potential overlap with outcomes and systemic factors that are the focus of the CFSR.
  • The December 2022 edition of the CFSR Update includes information on planning and preparing for the intentional and authentic involvement of stakeholders and partners in all phases of the CFSR. Other topics include the Round 4 OSRI course now available on the portal; the launch of the Round 4 FAQs page; the Round 4 Year 1 reviews schedule; other new resources added to the portal; and diverse agile staff recruitment for the CFSRs.
  • Review Site Visual (English and Spanish), part of the State Planning Package, shows a typical onsite review office layout at the major metropolitan site and rural sites.
  • Reviewer Brief: Rating CFSR OSRI Item 12: Assessment of Needs and Provision of Services provides reviewers with information to strengthen how to determine the quality, accuracy, and comprehensiveness of needs assessments and how the agency ensures provision of appropriate services to meet the identified needs of children, parents, and foster/pre-adoptive parents.
  • The CFSR Round 4 Statewide Data Indicators Workbook provides state-by-state performance on the CFSR Round 4 statewide data indicators and comparisons to national performance for the most recent 12-month reporting period.
  • More materials are available under CFSR Round 4 Resources.