New CFSR Round 4 Resources

  • The June 2023 CFSR Update includes information on CFSR Round 4, integration of the Annual Progress and Services Report with the CFSR, a new OSRI course released on the E-Learning Academy, a new CFSR overview video, Spanish translations added to the portal, and new Round 4 FAQs.
  • The Capacity Building Center for States supports state agencies in preparing for Round 4 of the CFSRs. The Center offers publications, tools, peer networking, and technical assistance to help child welfare agencies and their partners plan and implement all phases of CFSR Round 4, from Statewide Assessment planning through Program Improvement Plan development and implementation. 
  • Guiding Principles, Framework, and Tools for the Program Improvement Plan Development Process provides guiding principles, a suggested framework, and resources and tools states can use when developing a quality Program Improvement Plan after their CFSR.
  • The Program Improvement Plan (PIP) is designed to create lasting and statewide systemic change in key areas identified in the CFSR, while also addressing the practice and systemic concerns found during the review that affect the system’s ability to meet the needs of children and families served. The state must submit the PIP to the Children’s Bureau (CB) Regional Office for approval within 90 calendar days from the date the state receives written notification from the CB that it is not operating in substantial conformity with any one of the seven outcomes or seven systemic factors in the CFSR.
  • Infographic: Connections Between the Court Improvement Program and the Child and Family Services Review is now available. Meaningful input from a broad array of legal and judicial stakeholders, and collaboration with other system partners, are useful not only for the CFSR and Program Improvement Plan processes but also for Court Improvement Program (CIP) projects. CIPs across the nation have projects in areas the CFSR examines. The data and evidence collected during the CFSR can be used to support CIP projects. This infographic summarizes common goals, associated CIP projects, and potential overlap with outcomes and systemic factors that are the focus of the CFSR.
  • More materials are available under CFSR Round 4 Resources.