Round 4 Resources

The pages linked below provide resources for planning for, conducting, and participating in the Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSR) process; analyzing and understanding the results; and planning for program improvement and continuous quality improvement (CQI).

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CFSR Round 4 Process

This section includes the CFSR Procedures Manual; information on logistics, recruitment, and state planning; and Fact Sheets.

Four signs for various CFSR instruments and tools

CFSR Round 4 Instruments, Tools, and Guides

This section includes CFSR Round 4 instruments, reporting guidelines, and forms for onsite reviews and program improvement plan monitoring.

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CFSR Round 4 Statewide Data Indicators

This section includes Federal Register notices, presentations, and related information specific to the CFSR data indicators and national standards.

A set of three technical bulletins

CFSR Round 4 Technical Bulletins

This section contains the technical bulletins created by the Children's Bureau to supplement official guidance and assist states in understanding and preparing for child welfare monitoring reviews.