CFSR Round 4 Program Improvement Planning Tools

This section includes tools for use in developing, monitoring, and reporting on Program Improvement Plans.

Program Improvement Plan template

The Program Improvement Plan (PIP) is designed to create lasting and statewide systemic change in key areas identified in the CFSR, while also addressing the practice and systemic concerns found during the review that affect the system’s ability to meet the needs of children and families served. The state must submit the PIP to the Children’s Bureau (CB) Regional Office for approval within 90 calendar days from the date the state receives written notification from the CB that it is not operating in substantial conformity with any one of the seven outcomes or seven systemic factors in the CFSR. The approved PIP with the signed PIP Agreement Form (download to sign) must be filed in the CB Regional Office responsible for the state. A copy must be provided to the state child welfare agency, the CFSR Unit state lead, and the Child Welfare Reviews Project at JBS International.

Guiding Principles, Framework, and Tools for the Program Improvement Plan Development Process

This document provides guiding principles, a suggested framework, and resources and tools states can use when developing a quality Program Improvement Plan after their CFSR.

CFSR Round 4 PIP Measurement Plan Statewide Aggregate Data Measure for Item 1: Timeliness of Initiating Investigations of Reports of Child Maltreatment

The Children's Bureau recommends that states required to include Item 1: Timeliness of Initiating Investigations of Reports of Child Maltreatment in their PIP Measurement Plans use an aggregate measure for this item. This document provides guidance to states on how performance on this measure is calculated, how baselines and measurement periods are determined, and the data and policy information required to validate submissions.