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The CFSR Online Monitoring System (OMS) is a web-based application consisting of the Onsite Review Instrument and Instructions (OSRI), the Stakeholder Interview Guide (SIG), review and user management functions for OMS State Administrators, data indicator visualizations, and data analysis reports and tools. The OMS is used for both CB-led CFSRs and State-led CFSRs. States also can use the OMS for their own continuous quality improvement (CQI) and training/practice purposes.

This manual provides an overview of the CFSR Online Monitoring System (OMS), and step-by-step instructions for using the Onsite Review Instrument and Instructions (OSRI), the Stakeholder Interview Guide (SIG), the various reports and reporting tools including the Multi-Item Data Analysis Tool (MIDAT), and the statewide data indicator visualizations. The manual also provides descriptions and functions of each user role (Reviewer, Site Leader, OMS State Administrator, and Observer), including an overview of the Admin Tools available to assist in managing users and reviews. The appendix contains a complete list of all logic built into the OSRI.

This document describes the system specifications, privacy policy, and security requirements of the OMS. If you have questions about connectivity or hardware requirements, please contact your state administration or IT department.

This guide describes the Multi-Item Data Analysis Tool (MIDAT), which allows users to analyze CFSR and CQI review data, including instructions for accessing the MIDAT, using its data filters, and understanding the layout and format of the tool's reports.

This guide describes the OMS Case Review Source Data (OCRSD) report, which provides OSRI answers, narratives, and ratings directly in an Excel spreadsheet, as it is intended for OMS data analysis either within Excel or with other statistical analysis software.