CFSR Round 4 Statewide Data Indicators

This section includes Federal Register notices, presentations, and related information specific to the CFSR data indicators and national standards.

New Visualizations for State Risk-Standardized Performance

This document provides an example of the new visualizations for state Risk-Standardized Performance in the Round 4 CFSR Data Profiles.

FAQs: Understanding Statewide Data Indicator Calculations

This document explains various aspects of statewide data indicators, including how they are calculated and how national performance, observed performance, and Risk-Standardized Performance are used.

Changes in CFSR Statewide Data Indicator Performance Throughout Round 3

This report explores changes in performance since the start of Round 3. To do this, the analyses provided in this briefing are based on data periods corresponding to the earliest cohorts used in Round 3 to set national performance and the most recent cohorts presented in the last data profile released before the start of Round 4, roughly bookending Round 3.

CFSR Round 4 Statewide Data Indicators Data Dictionary

This document provides a description of each statewide data indicator and data quality check, including the numerators, denominators, risk adjustments, exclusions, and corresponding data notes.

Capacity Building Center for States (CBCS) Statewide Data Indicators Page

These publications from the Capacity Building Center for States provide information and data on the seven CFSR indicators. CFSR statewide data indicators provide performance information on states' child safety and permanency outcomes. The statewide data indicators are aggregate measures calculated using information that states report to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) and the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS). State child welfare agency leaders, managers, continuous quality improvement (CQI) staff, judicial and legal communities, youth and families, and others can use statewide data indicators to help evaluate state child welfare system performance and inform CFSR processes, strategic planning, and CQI efforts.

CFSR Round 4 Statewide Data Indicators Workbook

This workbook provides detailed, state-by-state performance on the CFSR Round 4 statewide data indicators and comparisons to national performance for the most recent 12-month reporting period.