Onsite Review Instrument (OSRI) and Guidance

OSRI Item 2 Reviewer Brief

This reviewer brief provides guidance for applying Item 2 of the OSRI in CFSR Round 4. Emphasis is placed on the applicability criteria, key questions that inform the rating determination, and making distinctions between appropriate services that should be addressed under Item 2 and those relevant to the Well-Being items in the OSRI.

Round 4 Guide for Writing "No" Narratives and Rationale Statements

As an important part of completing the OSRI and rating its items and outcomes, reviewers must complete short “No” Narratives and longer Rationale Statements. This guide is recommended for use by reviewers to ensure that “No” Narratives and Rationale Statements succinctly and comprehensively provide the information required to support answers to OSRI questions.