Onsite Review Instrument (OSRI) and Guidance

OSRI Item 2 Reviewer Brief

This reviewer brief provides guidance for applying Item 2 of the OSRI in CFSR Round 4. Emphasis is placed on the applicability criteria, key questions that inform the rating determination, and making distinctions between appropriate services that should be addressed under Item 2 and those relevant to the Well-Being items in the OSRI.

Guidance for Case Elimination

This document provides federal and state-specific case elimination criteria, and guidance for developing and implementing procedures to document, apply, track, and report case elimination for CFSR Round 4. Also included is a Case Elimination Worksheet.

Quick Reference Items List

This document briefly summarizes the 18 items in the Onsite Review Instrument and Instructions and the 18 systemic factor items in the Stakeholder Interview Guide.

Reviewer Brief: Understanding Federal Expectations for Rating Cases

This Reviewer Brief gives those participating in the CFSRs a brief overview of the practices that may lead to a Strength rating in a case and the expectations or special considerations that should be given to particular case circumstances in evaluating the item ratings for a case. The OSRI contains questions, applicability notes, instructions, and definitions that provide more detailed information.

Talking Points: Application of the OSRI to Cases Open as Both In-Home Services and Foster Care During the Period Under Review

This document discusses how to handle the uncommon situation in which reviewers may receive a case that was opened for both in-home services and foster care during the period under review.

OSRI Quality Assurance Guide

This guide is recommended for use by reviewers and those conducting all levels of quality assurance (QA) to ensure that OSRI data are accurate, complete, and consistent. It contains information regarding general and item-specific issues to consider when reviewing a case or conducting QA on an OSRI. The guide also describes an approach to conducting QA that encourages discussions with reviewers before completion of the OSRI in addition to a final QA review of the instrument once it is completed.

Round 4 Guide for Writing "No" Narratives and Rationale Statements

As an important part of completing the OSRI and rating its items and outcomes, reviewers must complete short “No” Narratives and longer Rationale Statements. This guide is recommended for use by reviewers to ensure that “No” Narratives and Rationale Statements succinctly and comprehensively provide the information required to support answers to OSRI questions.